Women and Viagra

They say that men are generally less sensitive than women. Women tend to be more emotionally intelligent than men. Men are stronger on reason and logic. This is not all there are many other individualistic characteristics that are different from women and men.

The roles of women and men have been defined in society based on the behavioral and the inherent characteristics of both sexes. Most often women's role extends much beyond that of a daughter, mother and wife and they end up playing multiple roles at all times in their life.

Currently along with the technological advancement in our societies, our lifestyles as well as roles are fast changing. Women have traditionally been the underdogs in all societies, but this is all set to change. With the availability of opportunities for education women are using the opportunity for self development and empowerment. Women are no longer limited to playing the wife. They are professionals and have stormed the male bastion in every field. Today’s women are very clear about their priorities in life. Most often they postpone their plans for marriage, family and kids until such time that they have established themselves in their profession and are economically independent.

Men on the other hand are discovering the need for changing their mindset and are in the process of changing their thinking patterns and roles. Today double income parents are the reality. Does this change the equation in the relationship between the two partners? The answer could be a mixed one. It all depends a lot of the psyche of the man and his ability to accept and rise up to facing the new situation as far as their personal identity and egos are concerned.

Physical relationship on the other hand needs to be handled very delicately and nurtured with care. While the empowerment of women need not have an impact on the relationship if it is accepted by the man, in the increasingly complex life, the pressure of work and life balance is eating into the physical lives of the couple.

Most couples tend to face problems with regard to their sexual life at some point of time or the other. Most often couples are too tired to engage in a healthy physical relationship. Fatigue and stress kills their drive and energy. An extended exposure to stressful life can create problems for both men and women and affect their health too. Men are seen to suffer from problems like premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is very common amongst men who are leading a highly stressful life or are suffering from major health problems like diabetes, blood pressure and other health problems. These men tend to develop an inability to attain erection and to sustain it for the intercourse to be completed. However the problem can be easily corrected and solved if medical help is sought after at the right time. One thing to be noted in such cases is that the sexual drive or the libido in such men is intact and they suffer from a physical problem of erectile dysfunction. The doctors are able to treat this condition easily and the relief is almost immediate in most cases. After a few diagnostics tests, the medical experts are likely to prescribe Viagra which is the best known cure for erectile dysfunction. This helps the muscles lining the penis to relax and thereby increase the blood supply to the organ and the individual is then able to achieve and sustain an erection.

If you recognize some of these symptoms in yourself, do not be worried. Just make an appointment to see your doctor and get cured. In the long run however to be able to enjoy a healthy sex life, it is important that you balance your work and life and make time to live healthy.