Changing Perspectives in Life

Life is not the same what it was a few decades ago. Keeping in line with the next generation of advanced technology as well as economy and lifestyle we realise that even people’s thinking, attitudes and ideas have to change and progress. The only generation that is going to grow up with new ideas and attitudes is the present younger generation who have been born and grown using technology with which they are likely to define their own ideas about life.

If you see your children and yourselves in terms of technology adaptation, you will find a huge difference. No doubt when compared to your parents, you are far more tech savvy and adapted to laptops and internet quite easily. You have discovered the new virtual world that exists and have understood how to adapt internet to your daily life. It is quite likely that most of the present generation people are now trying to catch up with the mobile technology and using internet through mobile. You do understand all about 2G, 3G & 4G, but when it comes to downloading your favourite music, making playlist and syncing it with your i phone, you would rather ask your son or daughter for help.

Younger generation has a totally different approach to technology. Unlike the present where we are acquired or learnt to use technology, the children today do not have to make an effort to learn. Before they learn about the basics of computers in the class, they will already been used to using computers and internet at home. Children now days know all about how the soft wares, applications and hardware works. Setting up a online LAN network, converting one type of file to another or searching for and downloading music, videos or any information on the internet comes naturally to them while we take a while to figure it out.

It would be quite interesting to see how technology will evolve and the impact on the future generation. We are now waking up to GPS which is impacting everything from the Ships on sea to tracking through GPS your aged parents at home via GPS. We will probably get more and more dependent upon internet for all of our day to day living and domestic chores.

Today if you are ordering Viagra on the internet and expecting it to be delivered home without you having to drive down to the chemist, tomorrow you can expect to keep everything in your home ready like switching on AC or heating, Cooking and heating food etc to be programmed and executed through the internet. Except for the fact that your laptop and internet cannot romance with you, it can do everything with you and be your shadow. For those of us who think of technology is something external and we need to make an effort to learn, it can be quite a bother to be dependent upon internet for all the things. But those who have internalized.