• Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)


Viagra without a prescription

Viagra is used for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction

The drug acts by relaxing the muscles in the penis region, which helps in the increased flow of blood. When the blood flow increases, the penis gets stronger and the erection last longer.

Viagra has to be taken only according to the doctor's prescription. Never take larger doses as it can only increase the risk of side effects. The drug has to be taken about 30 minutes ahead of any sexual activity and it can be taken with or without food. It is recommended not to take Viagra more than once a day. It is not that you get erection once you have the drug but the erection takes place only by some sexual stimulation.

Well, if you suspect to have taken an overdose of Viagra, it is better to contact the doctor immediately. Irregular heartbeat, Chest pain, nausea and feeling light-headedness are some of the symptoms of Viagra overdose.

Before taking the drug, you have to inform your doctor about all your allergic reactions. Tell him if you have allergies to any particular medicine, food or any substance, including Viagra.

Your doctor should also know if you have any heart disease, coronary artery disease, high or low blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, blood cell disorders like sickle cell anemia, leukaemia or multiple myeloma, bleeding disorder, stomach ulcer, retinitis pigmentosa and physical deformity of the penis. Your doctor may go for dosage adjustment if you have any of these conditions.

The drug is also known to cause vision problems. But this has only occurred in some people who have diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. But there is no evidence to show that the vision problem was due to the use of Viagra. Well, if you come across vision problems, take an appointment with the doctor.

While taking Viagra, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Other impotency drugs should also be avoided while taking Viagra. You should also avoid nitrate drugs and recreational drugs while taking Viagra.

Viagra is also known to interact with certain medicines. So it is better to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicine. Drugs like bosentan, cimetidine,

Conivaptan, diclofenac, imatinib, antidepressants, antibiotics and heart or blood pressure medication, should be avoided along with Viagra.

Well if you come across dizziness, chest pain, neck or jaw pains during sexual activity, you have to stop the drug and call your doctor right away. The drug also comes with allergic reactions and also with many side effects. Some of the allergic reactions that you can experience with Viagra are difficulty breathing and swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat.

You have to stop the drug if you come across serious side effects like sudden vision loss, sudden hearing loss, ringing in ears, chest pain, irregular heart beat, sweating, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, swelling in hands, ankles, or feet, shortness of breath and erection that lasts for more than 4 hours.

Impotence: A terrible disease

The process of coitus helps each partner of the couple to fulfill sexual gratification. The terrible disease of impotence damages the pleasures of loving intimate relationship. The main factors which lure the man to the horrible disease of impotence include emotional traumas, unbalanced diet, noise pollution and air pollution. Pfizer pharmaceuticals, one of the most legendary drugs producing company, has assisted countless men , bearing impotence, to get rid of frustrating flaccidity by the development of an anti-impotence drug called Viagra. Doctors all over the world agree that Viagra is effective for men of every age group and can treat impotence at any stage of its severity. Viagra makes impotence run away from the penis.

How Viagra Eradicates Erection

Erection of the penis is due to the accumulation of the blood into the spongy tissue of the penis called carpus cavarnosum. The spongy tissue undergoes relaxation by the action of a factor called cGMP which is synthesized from GTP in the blood of the penis. An enzyme called guanylyl cycalse helps the conversion of GTP into cGMP. When the spongy tissue relaxes, a large number of spaces are formed in it. Blood, flowing in the vessels nearby, takes the opportunity to lodge in the sinuses of the spongy tissue. The pressure of the blood accumulated in the sinuses of the spongy tissue, carpus cavarnosum, brings about erection. But if cGMP is deficient, as happens in case of erectile dysfunction, spongy tissue does not relax, as a result of which erection is hampered. Viagra compensates the deficiency of cGMP by inhibiting its breakdown by the enzyme PDE, thus less cGMP is converted by PDE into GMP. As a result of inhibition of cGMP breakdown, its level rises. Raised level of cGMP then plays its role by promoting the relaxation of the spongy tissue. Relaxation of the spongy tissue culminates in erection by allowing the accumulation of the blood in it.

Doctor's instruction on diffusing the bomb of Viagra:

The physician's top recommended sexual medication of all time could also prove to be a total disaster if proper precautions and schedule is not followed. For example, if one takes the drug in more than required quantity or in more than recommended dosage of once in 24 hours time. Drug toxicity and life threatening hypotension might take place. Drug interaction with nitrates and protease inhibitors could result in side effects that could threaten the stability of one's body functions severely. The drug is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg dosage. Starters are required to take 25 mg tablets while this is the same dosage for old men. Take the drug half an hour before sexual interaction and the erection time it provides would be 4 hours within which one could experience sexual climax as many times and he wants with the sustained and powerful erection.

What are its side effects?

Possible side effects of the drug are cyanotic vision, hearing loss, dizziness, diarrhea, priapism of long painful erection and nasal congestion and in some cases runny nose. These side effects wither out in a matter of couple of hours and if they don't, seek medical assistance to prevent them from gaining a form of major disease. Buy the original quality Viagra from our affordable online pharmacy in the standard Pfizer manufacturer's quality.

Tips to get top health and fitness

A good health depends on many things. For a good health, it is necessary to take good meal, exercise daily, go for morning walk and opt many other ways. Let us discuss about the way of taking good meal. A healthy food can help in many ways to improve the health but you have to follow the golden rules of taking the food. You can also share these ideas with your friends who are facing health problems very frequently. Following are the right ways to taking the food.

Tips to get top health and fitness

They include:

› Take meal three times in a day

Take your meal three times in a day according to the schedule. Well, some people take meal but their timing is not right. It is necessary to take meal well according to the timing. Many people start facing obesity problem just because of their bad eating habits and timing of meals. For a proper health, you must take the good food at the right time without delaying it.

› Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the major source of energy when you go for the job. During this timing, you are only allowed to use light food such as tea and biscuits. So after coming back from the morning walk and exercise, you must take your breakfast. Do not miss it. Moreover, protein helps you in not having any kind of hunger feeling so it means you can stay for a long time without food.

› Increase the use of fresh vegetables and fruits

The use of fresh vegetables in the meal is another good idea. People who are purely vegetarian will definitely take them in the meal but other people should also make fresh vegetables the part of their meal. In the similar fashion, fruits are also very good for the health. Apple and Banana are considered as rich sources of nutrients.

› Avoid the use of snacks

Eating snacks after short intervals when you are watching the TV, playing the games or doing such activities is a common thing found in most of the people. People who do it very frequently face obesity problems. Snacks you eat while watching TV or playing is not consumed to provide you energy. So this food only increases your fat level which is very bad for the health.

In order to make your diet plan, you can consult with nutritionist who can guide you which food will be beneficial for your health and how you will be able to improve or maintain your health. Besides this, it is better if you keep yourself connected with a professional doctor so that you can share your health problems with him without any delay. In addition to this, you can meet with your doctor on monthly basis. This will help you in keeping your health in best condition. And I assure you that your health will be better than those people who do not go there.